If you have never tried, but would like to know how to dance the old Danish dances of Polka, Hopsa, Waltz and Schottische, you are hereby invited to visit us.

We will show you the steps and dance with you, until you know them by yourself. So get up from the chair and come to Kulturmaskinen in Odense. On the last Wednesday of September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May from 19.00 to 22.00 you can come to a Dance at Kulturmaskinen, an activity house, at Farvergården 7 in Odense. We will play traditional Danish Folk Music for dancing. Everybody are welcome. Come, see and try for yourself. The entrance is free.

Musicians are also very welcome to join in.

Mondays in July - from 19.00-21.00 - you are invited to a dance in the public park Munke Mose in Odense.

Every year on the 28 of December we have a Christmas dance in the southern part of Odense, Funen, Denmark. It is what remains of the Festival that took place for 40 years: Højby Stævnet www.hoejbystaevne.dk

Do you have any questions feel free to contact me: mailto: br_aa@hotmail.com